VC2 and Windows 10

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VC2 and Windows 10

Postby Kniar » 05 September 2017, 09:43


To play Vietcong 2 with Windows 10 just follow this :

1/ Activate DirectPlay component
Go to :
Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on or off > Legacy Components > DirectPlay
and check the box

You can look at this video I found on youtube to help you :

En français ça doit faire :
Programmes et fonctionnalités > Activer ou désactiver des fonctionnalités Windows > Composants hérités > DirectPlay

2/ Download D8INPUT.dll and put it in your VC2 directory. By default it should be :

Code: Select all
C:\Program Files (x86)\Vietcong 2\

You can download the dll from here :

3/ Antivirus : In some case you need to disable your antivirus for this file. So you have to "exclude" this file (or the whole directory) from scanning. I can't help you to do that. Sure you'll find it.

And don't forget that the easy way to connect Mates Arena is to set a direct link as described on this site home page.
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