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RediA e-Sport Team

PostPosted: 14 March 2013, 22:47
by T0mmycz
RediA was create in summer 2009 by owner and main leader T0mmycz. RediA had concept to take veterans members from old clans who were fight in 2006-2008. Most of members have come from ex-|3TF# Clan, =[ABN]=, specialy members like D3b!ln3b!l (freelex), Dave Killer, Dosy, Raze 9mm. These members were most important on the start of this team.

We were interested to became a multi-clan and for one year, we had own very sucesfully sections in other games like Call of Duty4 and Vietcong. This intention was supported on the end of the year, when our sponsor have give us money to make new website. So on the end of 2009 and start of 2010, players could admire our nice website with nice desing. In 2010 we have been really active and we was trying to become best clan in VC2 at the moment. And we have been really sucesfull.
We have challged all teams which were exist in that times, like Allstar, oldstar, WOTW, 3D-Clan, [LK], =THC=, =RUS KLAN=.
Everywhere where we have come, we have get wins. That was one of our best times because we had most strong line-up in RediA history ever. That was year 2010.

In 2011 we have start to be quite inactive on Vietcong2 because cheaters have become more and more popular in this game and we have decide to take a rest and wait, what will happen next. Meanwhile, old squad from VC2 have moved on Vietcong 1 where we have log in ESL league which is most popular in Viecong, maybe cos it is only last leauge which support this old game. We have been always in rank TOP 10, so not so bad results on newbies. Vietcong and Vietcong2 are really much different games so we have been happy for our succes. After few months, summer 2011 have come and we have take next big pause from playing and supporting our team. We was plan to come back in winter but for having no time, we have decide to cancel RediA for ever. Most members had other problems, graduation, looking for job and we had no time to play our lovely game.

Everything have changed in winter 2012 when T0mmycz have contact all ex-VC2 players from old clans (include ABN, 3TF, UN and of course RediA teams). We have make a few VIP parties, where we have play against us just for fun, to remember good old times. But because winter was in the best (worst) and it was really freezy out there, we have decide to make small come back on Vietcong2 scene. First we just wanted to play one time per week but because we have start to feel rivality of all new clans, we wanted to show them how we play this game in Czech Republic so RediA was refused again.

Today, we work again on our website and our target is to get on the TOP in VC2. Also, we want host some public servers and rent our clan server to small clans for playing mathes. And much other stuff which are secret for this moment because they are are under preparation. So if you want know more about us, visit our site

Our actual line-up:

Image T0mmycz
Image vlafing
Image Commandor
Image PowneR
Image Stone
Image Pergas
Image Hunter

History of name of our clan is simple, we just discover and create this world which sound quite agresive when you say it. It is just name for our clan, nothing more. One day when name "Ferrari" was invited, it was just few spells together but now, everyone know it is name for famous cars. History of our name is the same.

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PostPosted: 19 March 2013, 13:57
by [ITA]TroLL[NoD]
Too serious ;)

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PostPosted: 19 March 2013, 15:38
by T0mmycz
[ITA]TroLL[NoD] wrote:Too serious ;)

That's exactly as I planned ;)

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PostPosted: 14 April 2013, 06:09
by wuitre
Nice website!

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PostPosted: 14 August 2014, 00:00
by /VCHC\ Stu

Where's your server? We have the fix for VC2 but no Redia to share it with. We have the French server, Aleks server from Germany, Red Allstar from Russia and the Allstar serve today. We had a great time with 19 players.
Please let everyone know that we are not a dead community, we need full servers again.